[SOLVED] Problem when Uploading FBX file with texture

i have a problem when importing my FBX (exported from Autodesk FBX or Blender with embed media option) file inside Playcanvas; i checked similar problem, but they does not work.
When i import, it create material without texture applied.
How can i import an FBX file so that Playcanvas will apply texture directly ?
What to do else ?
Is there an FBX version for Playcanvas ?
Thank you.

When you export an FBX you need to enable the option that embeds textures into the fbx file.

Is the project containing your FBX file public? If so, what’s the URL?

I have done it, i checked “Embed media” option. But still there is not texture when i import to playcanvas.
My input file for Autodesk FBX is a textured OBJ file, with an mtl and png texture file.
Is it possible that problem come from there ?

Hi all,
i resolved the problem.
It was coming from .mtl file produced with OBJ. There was an error with png texture file inside.
Things are ok now.
Thank you for your support.