[SOLVED] Primary build URL issue

Anyone else has issues with the primary build url? I am asking it because since few days ago my primary build url doesn’t work and each new pubish that i do (after deleting all of them), playcanvas continue assigning me a new one under playcanv.as/b/… instead playcanv.as/p/…
If anyone had this problem and solved it I’d appreciate help to resolve it.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

So the project URL is the one that starts with playcanv.as/p/… . This URL will point to the build that you have marked as primary. Each build also has its own URL that starts with playcanv.as/b/… if you want to open that build specifically.

If you just want to always open the primary build then make sure you mark the desired build as primary and then use the project build URL.

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Oh my god, that was sooo obvious. thanks a lot! :smiley:

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