[SOLVED] Prefilter cubemap broken

I have a project which uses a HDRI for lighting an object. The HDRI was imported several weeks ago, and works well. If I import the same HDRI today, I get strange results. See below image:

I tried refreshing several times, and without cached data. Is this a known issue, or is it just me that’s having problems?

Can you link to a project?

EDIT: Turns out there might be a bug, see Online Editor Prefiltered Reflection Are Cloudy for more information.

I saw that thread, but thought it was a separate issue. Now that I read it more in depth, I realize it’s the same issue.

Sorry for the duplicate thread.

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Yep https://playcanvas.com/project/568856/overview/test-skybox-project

But its happening with ANY HDR that you either newly import or if you have an existing set of HDR skybox images… Just delete the rgbm PNG’s and cubemap… Thewn simply RE-IMPORT those same hdr images (Right-Click say Re-Import) to make new RGBM png and the make new cubemap and pre-filter… You will now see cloudy reflections

Edit: If you were talking to me :slight_smile:

@will It looks like importing the skyboxes from the library is fine but importing HDRs from the local computer has the issues shown above. Downloading the Helipad HDR from the editor and reimporting causes them to look like they’ve been blown out?

Been seeing this issue off an on, was told it weas fixed, is the bug back?


This was a regression that snuck back into the Editor. We’re released a fix this morning. You will need select any cubemap assets which show this, click the “Delete Prefiltered Data” button and then click the “Prefilter” button to regenerate the prefiltered textures.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks @dave :smile: we really appreciate it