[SOLVED] Post a project from the editor so that others can view code

I’m still trying to master raycasting and collision components. I have a project in the editor where entity picking works on one entity but not another. Is there a way I can post it so that others can check it out? I have published it but I don’t see any way to get to the editor from there.


Hello @Michael_McCrickard! You can just copy and paste the url of your editor browser page.

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Remember that you must apply a Collision Component to each object that you want to be pickable.


Yes, I did learn that about the collision component earlier today. I have now determined that there is something unusual with that character model. It doesn’t display any kind of collision volume when I select it even though the mesh collider is applied with the same mesh as the model. It does draw the corners of a box around it, but it’s a transparent box, not like the usual box colliders that you see in the editor. This leads me to another question that I will put in another thread since I have gone off-topic on this one. Thanks for your help!

For performance reasons it is often worth considering using a collision primitive that is roughly the shape of your object. You frequently don’t need collisions that perfectly match your mesh when the goal is simply to select an object.

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Probably unnecessary to say, but also don’t forget to add a rigidbody component.

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