[SOLVED] Player disappear

my player disappear when jump on the blocks as shown in video, however there is no on the block, only collider and rigid body component is attached.

Hi @techy_589!

I’m not a 2D game expert, but could it be that the player is behind the background? Or maybe you rotate the player and you see the backface of the image?

If you share the editor link of your project someone can take a look.

Hi @Albertos,
I just apply force on the player and player jump on the block collider, I disabled the background, but the player isn’t appear again, it doesn’t happen every time.
When the player disappear it returns after some seconds or some times it doesn’t.

here is the link of the project.

I played the game a couple of times, but the player didn’t disappear for me. I added a render component with a 3D model and that model was disappearing for some reason. I disabled the CameraAspect script and the problem was gone. So I guess in your case the problem is also caused by the CameraAspect script.

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i disabled the script, but the player is disappearing on the same position, on the same block. :pensive:

this is the video of your forked project, player is also disappearing in your forked project.

Most likely it is, because I didn’t change anything in the fork. I just used it for testing. The disappearing is probably device dependent. Did you try to disable the script I mentioned?

@Albertos Yes i tried with disabled the script you mentioned, but the issue isn’t resolved.

I suggest temporarily disabling as much as possible to see if something in your project is causing this behavior.

Hi, @Albertos!
Thank you for your effort :star_struck:, however the issue is resolved, z coordinate of player rigid body’s linear factor was 1, which causing the bug, i set it to 0, and the issue gone. :wink:

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