[SOLVED] Player character falls through mesh

I’m trying to set up a simple mesh-based terrain and have an FPS character run around on it. (I’m new to PlayCanvas, and am adapting some activities I had previously done in Unity so that students working at home on Chromebooks can do them).


As you can see in the linked project, the figure can move around the space to an extent (using code extended from the FPS movement example, with jumping and running added). However, sometimes it appears to get hung up on invisible snags, and sometimes it falls through the mesh. I’m not sure why. I’ve read some of the other posts about similar issues, but they didn’t address my specific problem I don’t think. The ground mesh doesn’t have especially narrow polys, nor does it have especially huge ones (though it is fairly low-poly, since I need to be aware of space restrictions on free accounts).

Is the problem that the mesh is a grid of quads? Would it work better with triangles? Or is there some other problem with the mesh?

Might be related to the tri/poly count used as a collision mesh. I would try using a simplified mesh to use as collision and see how that fares.

Hello @yaustar! Could it be the player’s rigidbody type? Or does that have nothing to do with it?

Nah, it looks fine. My best guess would be to do with the shape and/or count of polys in a single mesh (Bullet/Ammo might have trouble with complex meshes).

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I had thought the original landscape mesh was already lowpoly enough, but I exported an even-lower-resolution version of the mesh, and it seems to be working! Thanks for making me consider a solution I had written off!

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