[SOLVED] PlayCanvas Server Down?

Is PlayCanvas is down. . ?
I trying from last an hour but it’s response is very slow.
My internet downloading speed is 32.64 mb and uploading speed is 45.47 mb at this time.

Hi @BitWhacker,

It seems to be working fine here, projects open and load quite fast.

Is it still happening for you?


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Yes, It is still happening, If I open any project it takes 2 to 3 minutes to open and when I play it then it take 5 to 10 minutes to load. @Leonidas

Hi Playcanvas Team,

The playcanvas sites are loading very slow today such as the code editor, launch etc. They were working perfectly yesterday.

I have cleared the cache as well as tried running on a different browser. There is no issue from my ISP side too. Kindly check on this.
My region is Asia.


I am getting the same issue too. My region is Asia.

The deferred DOM Node could not be resolved into a valid node.

Getting this when I click the launch tab, launch just wont render the game!

@Saad_Haider I got the solution, Use VPN. It will run perfectly.

VPN having which virutal location?

I can’t see any issues on AWS or our backend at the moment. Maybe a regional issue?

Just randomly select any location, I checked different locations and it’s work fine. @Saad_Haider

Try UK or Ireland.

I used Russia. . @yaustar
It’s working.

@yaustar Yes it works with using the VPN so it might be a regional issue.

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