[Solved] PlayCanvas server availability


I am in the process of evaluating PlayCanvas, but in the last days I got a lot of errors when trying to use it (502 Bad Gateway Error and 500 Internal Server Error). Is this happening a lot or did I just get here during the worst possible time? Is this happening for all accounts, free and pro, or do you have different servers for them? I saw that that developer, forum and answers were available during these problems.

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Hi Dumi,

Yesterday, we had some downtime while we were moving everyone over to the new Editor. That lasted around 30 minutes. We tried to avoid any extended maintenance like this, and it’s pretty rare we that it takes more than around 1-2 minutes. This is the first time had this length of maintenance for several months.

Today, we’ve just woken up to a database error which has led to the site was down for around 1hr. Again this is exceedingly rare, to the point where I don’t think this has ever happened before. I’m looking into setting up better monitoring tools so that we can respond to these events faster.

I’m sorry you’ve encountered a lot of errors. But, yes, it does look like you’ve encountered a bad time. Hopefully you won’t run into more downtime!

Thanks Dave!

It’s ok, I had more time to browse the documentation :wink:

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