[SOLVED] PlayCanvas project pages not loading

I am recently unable to access my projects. The PlayCanvas web header only partly loads, and the body of the project page doesn’t load at all. Refreshing the page in the browser does not help.

This is happening with my own projects, as well as those from the PC community.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

This is a screenshot. You can see that only the header is visible.

Resizing the window to make it narrow gives the following:

Do you have any adblockers or extensions installed in the browser?

No adblockers. I disabled all my extensions in Chrome and rebooted. I’m still getting this same issue.

However, it seems like it’s just an issue with Chrome, perhaps…I can load the project pages with Edge (which is not my preferred browser).

Ugh…Edge can’t load the Editor. :frowning:

Whatever was happening seems to have gone away! I can work in Chrome, again. Project pages are loading for me, now.

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