[SOLVED] PlayCanvas problem with Safari 15

Hi guys, has anyone the same problem with playcanvas and Safari 15 on MacOS? I can’t open Playcanvas editor or any published scene or site that has a playcanvas scene embedded, like https://playcanvas.github.io/. It only works if iI check “Web GL via Metal” in “experimental features” under “developer” menu in Safari. The funny thing is that Playcanvas tutorials work, like e.g.Custom Post Effects | Learn PlayCanvas

Hi @Karl47,

Yes, the team is aware of these issues and are working on them.

Check the recent issues posted on the engine repo to track progress:

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Engine v1.46.5 was just deployed.

This should resolve the problem for you. Let us know if this is not the case.


Super cool! I can access the editor and it works after publishing my scene. That was quick!