[SOLVED] PlayCanvas loading screen & Build download help

Hi, is there a way to remove the PlayCanvas loading screen when its download and published on my own domain?

Also, when i publish my build to playcanvas hosting, it has a 170mb size and it has the latest build/set of codes. But when i download the build.zip, the file is 163mb, which is from a week ago. Any idea how i can download the latest build?

Hi @bestdenki7,

Yes you can remove the loading screen completely by adding a custom loading screen (under project settings -> loading screen) and removing all code inside. You will see black for a while and then the game will start after the app is ready.

There isn’t a way to download a build hosted in Playcanvas, maybe only using some custom web scrapper tool. The download .zip I think is compressed that’s why the size you see is smaller. Also the build hosted in Playcanvas when loaded uses gzip compression so the actual build size when the user opens it will be different.

oh no, i meant as playcanvas has 2 ways of publishing, 1 through playCanvas, and the other to download as a ZIP file. i cant seem to download my latest update made to the project when i upload it to my domain.

Tested with playCanvas hosting website publishing and my own download zip in my domain

Also is it fine if i just remove the loading.js in the downloaded ZIP? im not sure how to access the codes in loading screen to remove them…

Not sure about that, downloading a .zip always includes the latest version of all files. @yaustar do you have any idea why that may happen?

Yes exactly, in a self-hosted build removing the loading.js script will disable the Playcanvas loader:

    <script src="__start__.js"></script>
    <!-- <script src="__loading__.js"></script> -->

yeah i found it weird too. i tried downloading a few times but its still the old build.

Documentation to customise the loading screen.



@bestdenki7 I can’t reproduce this issue locally.

I’ve tried publishing from different branches and using python http server to host the build locally.

I don’t know how you are hosting your build but is it possible that either your browser or server is caching old files/builds?

Also, please bear in mind that the project size, the build zip and the how much the user downloads will be different.

The project size will contain source assets like FBXs and also any checkpoints or branching. What the user downloads will vary based on your asset loading logic and gzip compression from the server as Leonidas’ has said.

yea that makes sense. sorry for the mess, it appears that it was an issue on my side being the cache not cleared.