[SOLVED] PlayCanvas Errors on Build of any kind?


I’m trying to make a build right now for my playcanvas project and I’m running into the following errors

This issue is occuring on all projects(even forked tutorial project), tested with multiple people on my team, for both PC hosted builds and self served ZIP builds.

I need to get a build by 1 PM today, is there anyway to remedy or workaround this in the short-term?

Sorry about this, we are currently deploying a fix for this.

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This is the culprit btw…

‘powerPreference’: default

in settings.js

Should be able to yank that line from your download and have it work until patch is up.

If you’re not downloading but rather publishing to PlayCanvas you might be out of luck until the patch is done

Fix should be available now. Sorry about the delay

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All good now, started working again about 3-4 hours ago, sorry for not updating this, thanks.