[SOLVED] PlayCanvas AR with plane detection


I just wanted to know if it was possible to do AR with plane detection with PlayCanvas.
I saw a post about using ARToolkit using a hiro marker but we want to go markerless.

Thanks in advance!

There isn’t a publicly available library to do markerless AR in the browser yet.

8th Wall are working on this but haven’t released the SDK. https://medium.com/8th-wall/how-we-engineered-ar-for-the-mobile-browser-with-8th-wall-web-bce26c84682b

Any news about that? Thanks!

Yep, see the latest news from 8th Wall: 8th Wall with PlayCanvas (AR in the browser)


I saw it, amazing! Really nice but I can’t afford that. too expensive :frowning:

Any updates on this? The major concern is costs. Once you have factored in the commercial license to distribute, its very expensive. Has anyone actually completed a 8th wall integration and is aware if you require a commercial license?

Has there been any consideration of other 3rd party libraries? I would like to be able to place a 3D object onto the floor plane so that it stays in that location, in the same way that placing a usdz on iOS stays in the real world tracked plane. Wondering if there had been any updates since the original questions was asked in Sep 2018

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WebXR is now available on Android for markerless AR and works very well. With iOS, 8th Wall is still your best bet here as they haven’t yet supported the WebXR API

Thanks. It all still seems to be on the verge. 8th wall has done a great job but it’s still prohibitively expensive for smaller clients and jobs. Will be great to see if there are any changes to this in the near future

The only other library that is worth a consideration is https://github.com/AR-js-org/AR.js but requires someone to port it to work with PlayCanvas.

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