[SOLVED] Performance with huge FBX imports

Hello everyone!

I’ve been playing with PlayCanvas for a week and I really like it. But I’m curious about the performance with huge FBX files. The thing is, I want to use PlayCanvas for an offline (localhost) web app, for architectural presentation. Until now, I’ve been playing with 50-100mb FBX files without any performance issue. But in real app, I need to import 500mb-2tb FBX files. So PlayCanvas can handle such files size without crashing or is there anyway to prevent this happen without any (or much) sacrifice on quality?

I need to know this before upgrading my account. And I appreciate any help with or without PlayCanvas – as there may be some alternatives that can handle such file sizes.

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards…

500 megs maybe, we do some big ones. It might crash a lot of browsers. Locally hosted would be the way to go.

Single 2TB files, I can’t think of many Real time engines that could handle a 2TB single file. Only 64 bit ones.

If there is a way to make the models smaller or break up the export into smaller chunks, that would be more practical.

Some advice for you. Ensure you FBX files are serialized to binary format, not ASCII. You’re probably already doing this, but thought I should mention it. Keep in mind that GPUs don’t have limitless power. If you try to render 10M triangle meshes, you probably won’t get 60FPS on all GPUs. :slight_smile: