[SOLVED] pc.Application.getApplication() undefined

I’m using GitHub - effekseer/playcanvas-effekseer ;
but parse effekseer-system was failed;
pc.Application.getApplication() return undefined ; I can’t figure out why.
Please help!

effekseerWasmAssets = pc.Application.getApplication().assets.findAll("effekseer_native.wasm"); 
effekseerWasmLoadingEvents = []
effekseerWasmLoaded = false;

Hi @neil,

Where are you executing that code?

select effekseer-system.js;click parse.

Seems to work for me, adding that in a blank project. The script is successfully parsed.

@yaustar any idea when that can fail?

could you send me your project link? I tried a blank project[https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1361666], but still can’t.

You can fork the example project from their repo, it seems to work quite fine:


I do forked, the script looks fine default, but when i click parse, the error came out.

the contributor made a fix!

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