[SOLVED] Path Finding to teach AI

I do an simple Tower defend game

(the Doozer have to find a way to the Base)

The idea was You can choose if you defend or attack the tower…

so I need an Ai for defence and an Ai for offence…

slowly while developing I noticed: I can make matches AI(Def) against AI(Off)

I could make stats, bufs, nerfs without force every friend to test may Game :slight_smile:

I’m in a very early state of development and I don’t really now what I’m doing… but I’m

verry happy for every hint to how to design my code to make both AI better…

thanx :cucumber:

I’m not interested to use external libarys/packeges/imports aso

Long time ago I created a pathfinder for myself, using raycasts. The project is unfortunately private, but I’m showing it to give you an idea.


Thanx a lot. I can see how it works.
What I’am trying here is to find some complete pathes ahead, and than let the ai
choose one depending on ai’ strategy…
So I can compare in a statistic the results with the stradegy…

The best available option is Orestis 3D Pathfinding made by @Leonidas.


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If you are only looking for doing pathfinding in two dimensions then there are several open/free JS libraries that you can use with PlayCanvas.

Here is one: PathFinding.js

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Based on your goal I think you need to think again about the suggestion of @Leonidas indeed.


Cool, nearly what I’m looking for…

as always I’ll delay this topic as I’m stuck and do something else so [solved]

Do I need to import that lib, if i want to use this?