[SOLVED] Out of storage and unable to free space


We seem to have maxed out our 50GB allowance for our organisation (with only a couple of production projects). We’re currently severely blocked as unable to do anymore work on a project that we must deliver to stakeholders by next tuesday, and we don’t want to shut down production projects

I read on a forum that we could fork a project to remove its checkpoints and free some space, but unfortunately we’re unable to do so completely. Are you able to free 15 to 20 GB of space temporarily so we can do so?

Outside of that, we struggling to understand how our assets take up so much space - are assets duplicated on every branch and checkpoints? Coming from git and have a minimum of 4 people working on projects, we’ve been following feature branches workflow of creating branch per body of work and bring back to master to avoid stepping on each others toes, but it seems unsustainable storage wise if asset duplication occur, since we’re unable to delete branches that have been merged to master

We’re in a bit of pickle with our expected delivery by Tuesday, so we hope to hear from you asap, and provide guidance on how we can overcome our storage issues with the existing source control to be able to continue using PC sustainably


I’ve increased storage to 150GB on your account