[SOLVED] Opacity material render problem after engine v1.66.0

Hello everyone, I have an avatar model in which the material opacity works fine on engine version 1.65.5, but after upgrading to v1.66.0(also happened at v1.67.3), the rendering looks strange on both playcanvas gltf viewer and editor.

The model looks fine on Babylon’s viewer. Is there any issue that occurred after v1.66.0?
I am not sure how to resolve the problem or if it will be fixed in future version.

Here is my avatar file. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could kindly review this problem. Thank you!

This seems to be related to this change: Better handling of gltf blend materials by slimbuck · Pull Request #5705 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub
Which in majority of cases helps.

The reason it does not help in your case is that the eye balls (the brown part of them) is a single mesh that also contains the glasses. In Babylon viewer you get different issue where the eye balls cover the glass frame, for example:

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 09.53.21

The solution here is to have the brown part of the eyes to be a separate mesh, and disable alpha blending on it on its material.

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OK, I will try to separate them and take a look to the related PR :blush:
Thank you so much for your suggestion!

actually, the other thing you could do is to change the material properties of that mesh at runtime to their original values (before the PR) to restore that behaviour, which has issues as well, as I mentioned, but to a lower degree in your case.

But separating the mesh is a solution that would fix all the problems.

It’s a good solution to this case too. I will try them both!
Separating the mesh of avatars will be the better and long-term solution