[SOLVED] Occasional CORS problems

From time to time I run into CORS-trouble - can this be triggered by low memory?

Actually it looks like the different browsers have concentrated their efforts in something like this What’s New In DevTools? — Smashing Magazine (at least in Chrome and Opera I find the console feedback to be quite different … for instance in relation to address bar usage, and as written above in relation to CORS [went from a 508 error to a 400 error])

Edit: one day after - now it works again? I don’t feel I work in a stable environment

CORS issues tend to be network related than low memory. Also, CORS issues tend to be due to the server where the file is.

Does it happen with the same file/asset all the time? Or is it random?

Are you downloading hundreds of assets at once? Browsers, tend to struggle with loading thousands of assets at once, or lots of large files.

Can you share the full error?

Is the file that is causing the CORS issue on PlayCanvas servers or on your own server?

How often did you get the issue? What day and time (with timezone) did you get issue? If the issue was with a file hosted on PlayCanvas servers, we could potentially track errors down)

The error was both present on a live PlayCanvas version (were I referred to an external website link → being on my own site … so quite logical → at the same time it seemed ‘random’ as I sometimes were lucky that it worked on the PlayCanvas version anyway?)

Ok, so I have just gone the web-resources way on my web-hotel in relation to 508 (not rendering due to low web-ressources).
So now when I have deleted a lot of stuff/MB on my hotel, the issue does not occur