[SOLVED] Objects shaking and clipping through the floor?

So, when dropping objects in my project, they will sometimes clip partway through the floor, shake a lot, then clip the rest of the way through. I have put another floor under the first one to maximize collisions, but it has had no effect. What can I do?

Project: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

When you say objects, which ones specifically in the scene?

Ones that I have tagged ‘pickable’ which I use with the objectPicker script. This would be the box and two power cells.

Those objects are using mesh collision shapes which are not performant and could cause issues as dynamic objects due to shape/number of polys/shape of polys.

We recommend that developers use primitive shapes where possible to compound shapes of primitives instead.

If you can the shape to a primitive like a box/cyclinder/etc, does the issue still happen?

Well, I can’t really change it to a primitive shape. The half extents go under the render model, and I am not sure how to fix that.

Did you try to resize the half extents?

Yeah, it seems that the model is above the center of the entity, so when I try to change the Y-axis of the half extents, it goes downwards as well.

You can try to add the model as a child entity.

This works, thank you.

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