[SOLVED] Object having problems when going into PlayCanvas

hello, i am new to play canvas. but having a problem with seeing the custom object, i made in blender. it seems to remove or to make invisible the face of the 3d object. its does the same thing when i look on the other side of the 3d object.
it looks fine when I view it in something like “Paint 3D”. so if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction, i would be very grateful.

Hi @Taika,

Take a look at the mesh instances of your model :point_down:

Is there an empty space there? Also, what file format are you using?

Are you using two sided polys?

Also, I find that PlayCanvas sometimes renders n-gons fine, but sometimes not. It is safest/most predictable to have only three and four sided quad polygons in your model. It is possible that an n-gon can be your problem. Also, make sure than your surface normals are facing the correct direction (usually outward) on single sided polygons.

thank you. i think i figured it out.