[SOLVED] Not convert fbx in json

I imported an fbx model but it doesn’t create the json PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine slime.fbx

Looks like something is wrong with the FBX. I couldn’t tell you what it is but something looked a bit funny in my FBX viewer:

I downloaded/imported your slime FBX into Maya and these are the warnings I received upon importing:


I deleted the multiple dense meshes (those should be baked down into Normal Maps & applied in the PlayCanvas material). Here is the FBX that will work and still has the animation.
You will have to add the Slime texture to the material, in your game.



thanks @yaustar & @kindy77 it didn’t get into my mind that with pre-made models sometime there are problems, i guess months away from playcanvas rusted my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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No worries…happens to us all! Hope we both helped you out and enjoy!

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