[SOLVED] Normal maps disappear behind shadows

Hey, I’m new to PlayCanvas and face an issue with shadows affecting normal maps on my ground.
Apparently normal maps only show with a light source. As shadows are the absence of light it makes sense for the normal maps to disappear in that case. However the shadows aren’t completely dark, as there is also IBL by the skybox present in my scene. Shouldn’t the bumps by the normal map be visible then? To me it looks odd.

Is there a way to keep normals going beneath shadows? Some layer order or lightmapping I haven’t tried already?

@mvaligursky Any ideas?

It works for me

Just make sure in Settings → Rendering → Skybox you have a cubemap assigned.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 16.40.11

And also make sure you clicked on Prefilter button on the cubemap asset (where I have ‘Delete Prefitlered Data’)

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 16.40.44

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It was indeed the prefiltered data. Once generated the skybox actually added to the lighting and normals became visible. One might also have to create a new CubeMap, sometimes the original CubeMap didn’t update or whatever.

Now that I see your Editor window I’m curious about your Rendering tab. why do you have an Area Lights field? I don’t see that in mine.

It’s a functionality we are testing and getting ready for the release. It’s available by using scripts, but not exposed to the editor yet. See example: PlayCanvas Examples


ah figures. Thanks for your assistance!

When I now added an ambient occlusion map I noticed something similar:

The ambient occlusion is pretty dominant in overshadowed parts. I’m assuming this is expected behaviour. Might there be a way to set the intensity or am I assigning something wrong?

This seems ok to me … I tried my set of textures in Playcanvas:

And also tried in Unity

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You could adjust your ambient texture to make it less dark … I don’t think there’s different control for this.

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Alright, thanks for your effort!