[SOLVED] Normal Map Issue

I have following problem:
On the arm modell the normal map seems to be inverted on uv-borders.

I’ve already checked the models normals, and tried exporting the fbx from blender with and without “tangent space” option, and also clearing and adding “custom split normals
data” (I have no idea what that actually does).

The normal map was created by baking a displacement map within blender, but I assume the map is fine, as this behavior is not present within blender.
I found that some people had issues with normal maps.

(I havent tried the shaderchunk solution, as I was hoping I could find a working export workflow from blender)

Maybe someone could point me in a good direction?
Thank you in advance.

Ok, I now checked by using the model and normal maps in substance painter. A similar problem occurs, which makes me think that the problem is in the model oder the baked normal map. I’m closing the issue,
still if anyone has an idea, how to solve this (non pc related problem) any idea welcom.


Just for future reference:
I solved the issue by importing the map into substance painter and exporting new texture files from there. I’m still not sure where the issue is located within blender or what exactly caused it, but maybe someone else could solve similar issues this way.


Thanks for sharing the solution!