[SOLVED] No free space in organization project. Work Blocked! 50GB used

Hello, our organization account’s storage is full (50.1/50GB used), and there’s no option to add more. We tried deleting all our old builds, which only freed up a bit of space, and tried deleting branches, but most branches give an error when trying to delete them, saying they’ve been merged into another branch.

Please help! This is for a production game, and our work is blocked by this!

I’ve DMd you.

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Hey Will! I’m one of the developers for Skillfite - we noticed that when we exported the project, and imported it in again - the project is only 243mb, instead of the 48.5gb. We assume this is due to all the branches, checkpoints, containing all of our old past assets that we no longer use.

Is there an easy way we can permanently close old branches (most branches that have been merged into our mainline one don’t let you delete them - only close) so we can clean up our project?


Check out the docs:

TLDR: no, you can’t delete them because you merged them back to the master branch.