[SOLVED] My scene's gravity is not working

What is wrong with this scene?
gravity is not working on green ball

You have not installed a collision for the sphere. Add a collision and it will work.Collision

ehhh …already there - are we looking the same place?

semi-correction - now I put on as “Sphere” and not “Mesh” and it worked.
All fine, BUT I need it as “Mesh” :-///

If you need a mesh, then you can make a sphere model, for example, in Blender, import it into your project and install its model in the .json format in this slot.

Dynamic meshes aren’t supported in ammo.js IIRC.

Ok thanks YauStar - did make my mesh fall anyway with a workaround: works by sphere as parent, that is made invisible by layers

Did it collide like the mesh shape?

no, but good that you ask (at least for the sake of this post) … I only needed the gravition part of the physics for now (for myself)

Oh, in which case you can just remove the Render component from the parent so you don’t have mess around with layers

Of the two choices you say that render/on-off-enabled still will carry the physic-func for the total parented object (2 entities)?

Basically, this: https://launch.playcanvas.com/783492?debug=true