[SOLVED] My projects do not work on macOS and iOS

I’m new to Playcanvas. These projects are the same Virtual Exhibit with just different controls (mobile and desktop). It’s working on Windows and Android. I asked someone to test these on their apple devices, it does not work.

Here’s the project for MacOS:

And here’s my project for iOS:

What’s specifically not working with them?

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It just show white after it finished loading.

Hi @rumblerock,

Both projects are quite impossible to run in any device apart from high end GPUs with lots of video memory. Attached a screengrab from the profiler, you need to optimize your textures and compress them the least.


Study the following section on the manual, it provides useful info on that:



Thank you so much. Another question, what kind of compression should I use if I’ll be targeting all devices? Should I just check them all then compress?

Yes, but that will take a long while to compress. Probably towards a couple of hours to a day depending on the size and count of the textures.

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Is there a way to stop the compression?
Is it still compressing even after I close the tab?

Yes. All the compression jobs are on the server. I believe you can still build and publish your app while this is going on.

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Thank you, you’re amazing!

Can we reopen this? After I compressed all the textures, we tried launching the project on an iPad but failed.

Hi @rumblerock,

Compressing the textures may not be enough, you need to make sure that your app doesn’t consume too much memory. The OS on mobile devices is quite strict on how much memory it allows for each browser tab, from my experience it can be as low as 200-250MB especially on lower end devices.

You can use the profiler, scroll down to the bottom, to find how much memory your app uses:


If you use more, then the direct outcome is the browser will “kill” the tab and the page will crash much like your screen grab.

Thank you so much!

It’s now working.

I resized my HD textures (from 2K to 512px) then do a compression.

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