[SOLVED] My project play wrong video URL

There might be a good reason, but right it seems there is a weird bug in my project:
PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine … scene/1167969

But it keeps playing this:

Have tried to hard-refresh within console.
… happens also/even if I publish as “Publish to canvas” and within a Firefox browser window? (should not cache in such a setting)

Check the code in videoTexture.js:

    video.src = this.video ? this.video.getFileUrl() : this.videoUrl;

It’s saying that if this.video is not null, then the video src is the URL to that asset.

In the Editor:

You have set this.video attribute to the PlayCanvas demo video asset so it’s going to play that video.

ok, you are right … a shortened condition-structure
(will use local videos instead - as under ‘Video’ placeholder)
but works, thanks

Or you can remove the video asset from the script attribute in the editor so it uses the URL instead?