[SOLVED] Multiple textures assignments to same FBX model in different scenes

I was wondering if custom textures, when assigned to a scene model, were assigned globally or scene specific. If I was to use the same FBX could I have different textures assigned in one scene without affecting another scene?

Assets are configured on a project-wide basis. So they will remain the same between scenes in the same project.

You can override materials on a specific instance of a model attached to an entity by using “Entity Materials” https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/assets/materials/#assigning-materials

You could use this to have materials with different textures.

Thank you Dave :slight_smile:

I am following this but nothing seems to happen at the select mesh instance step, I have tried selecting the object step by clicking on the object in the scene itself and the instance in the hierarchy window, but nothing changes like the tutorial suggests it should, feeling a bit like a dope :slight_smile:

Can you describe in more detail the steps you are taking? If you want to assign a different material only for a specific model component then you need to select the Entity with the model component, then click on Entity Materials in the Model component inspector, then click the mesh instance that you want to change inside the Entity Materials picker and then you will see the material override for that mesh instance appear in the model component. Then you can change that material on the model component.

For this example I have two mirrors,

both the same mesh in the asset folder, in different locations, different instances.

The cubemaps look wrong on one or the other because of the location hence needing this feature.

I’ll try those steps and see if that works.

I am made some images of what I want to do, can an artist do this with clicks ?

Looks like the selection of the entity materials has been done already as you have material listed here:

Otherwise it would just look like this:

I don’t get the model showing up in the material entity window, not sure how to get that to show up, it’s not clearly explained or I am misunderstanding somewhere, help a dumb artist out :slight_smile:
The examples shows a model, my model in the scene doesn’t show one.

Is there another previous step I am missing to make sure that works not describe in the one document?

In your image you say "Nothing Here’ but there is a material there - it’s just greyed out because you’ve already added it to the model component. You only need to do this once to basically specify which material should be overriden and then you can just drag and drop materials to your model component.

I forgot to capture the cursor but this should give you the general idea. In your case, you have already done the first few steps of ‘creating’ the entity material and just need to change it to what you would like it to be.

Thank you Stephen and Vaios! That’s working for me, the drag and drop was the missing thing in my workflow, , dragging seems to be working well. The optional slots weren’t showing so I was getting confused