[SOLVED] Moving UV of an imported GLB file

Hey All,
I am trying to move a texture in an imported GLB file, without success, using this post, https://forum.playcanvas.com/t/solved-animating-material-on-model-using-offset-tiling/4170, as reference.
The test project is [PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine](https://Test Project) someone could help?

Hi @Nelson_Alves,

I think your code is correct, it’s just you are using an emissive map at the same time which is mostly overriding the color of the diffuse.

For example if you try this instead you will visually see the update:

        mats.emissiveMapOffset.set(Math.sin(sum), 0.0);

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Yeah, shame on me!
Thanks a lot as always @Leonidas !

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