[SOLVED] Moving animation

Hello guys, ive got another issue with my moving animation, i want it to keep running until i release up arrow key, but instead it keeps repeating to the starting position

when i release button my animation set to idle as i wanted but,

On the picture you can see starting position and ending position, those two positions keep repeating but i want my player to keep moving much further

Hi @smokys,

I am not sure I follow what’s your problem exactly from your screen grabs, can you post a build or project url to take a look?

Have you checked the third person controller example, it showcases exactly what you want to do:


Hello @smokys! I don’t know if I understand your problem correctly, but maybe you have to enable the loop option of the animation component. You can also enable and disable this by script.

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Try the game and you will understand, up arrow is key for moving … i want my player to keep moving not to stop and get back on starting position

sorry , new into animations

From what I see the animations aren’t stationary, if I preview them in editor they translate in local space:


If you are using Mixamo to export them, then make sure to select In Place before downloading it:

That will get the animation to happen in place and then you can use Playcanvas methods to position your character in world space.


Thanks, it helped way enough…

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How do you move a character and make him turn around using the same animation? And also how do you add jumping in a game and allow a character to move in the air with the jump. I want to make a sonic fan game.

as far as i know you can make jump with applyImpulse or applyForce, so as walking in the air.
you can check my editor with playerMovement script here: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1025730

I have walking in air but not jumping. maybe somebody more skilled will reply or you better to create your own topic :slight_smile:

I also have another question, how do you make the camera follow your player entity?
And my next question is, how do you make a cutscene and how do you make a cutscene happen on a certain event like touching another entity our spot on the map?

The easiest way is just to set your camera object to be child of the Player object