[SOLVED] Movement in Editor Top/Front seems slow

When you change view to Top/Front etc, moving the objects using the transform gizmo seems to be slow, and not using the same grab and place functionality that is used in the main editor.

I meant to elaborate a bit more here - as the Top/Front/etc ortho viewports are very handy for laying out scenes, having the transform gizmo drag with the mouse ( rather than at a different, much slower speed ) would make this task easier in this viewport.

yes its strange, movement in top view is so slow as to be unusable! Would be great to fix it…

Indeed, never had time to quickly fix it.
Funny enough, but that been there for a year now. This views are so rarely used by anyone, and actually are unusable in relatively big scenes once you have several objects overlapping each other. Probably need to be fixed? :smiley:

I’d love to see the ortho views spruced up. I used this all the time in UDK to help blockout/align stuff before adding in static meshes - that’s the gold standard for me (it even started by default in 4 view if I remember right). Kind of like what this guy does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vR2sylEY3c

Granted playcanvas is missing something like geometry mode/probuilder/progrids but that’s a different issue.

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This views are so rarely used by anyone

If people try it out, and it doesn’t work well, then I agree that the view will be rarely used.

I think if gizmo drag movement worked in this viewport, it would be very useful for many users ( esp when in level design mode ).

I know I would def use it a lot if moving objects with the gizmo worked in the same way that it worked in the main perspective view.

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Yes I would use it a lot - as of now I go to use it on each new project, then remember… :wink:

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We will promote that ticket in our priority list. :slight_smile:

Excellent - I can see a lot of people using this functionality in the PlayJam if it’s working ( so you’ll get plenty of testers! :slight_smile: )

I just want to add myself to the list of users that would use this, should it be fixed.

My main way of modeling or laying out objects is to use those top/side/front views and drag stuff around, then round the numbers off to help line stuff up. Having to drag everything around in perspective view is less then helpful when you need things to line up seamlessly. It may be intuitive to starting users, but those side views are the only way to be sure things are not being lined up in an “optical illusion” unless you waste time rotating the camera around after every new placement.

So +1 to the fixing of these views dragging system. Dragging really should line up with the mouse in this view, it was one of the first things I tried and since it’s broken, I can’t use those views for anything productive. :wink:

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I checked dragging in the top viewport earlier to see if it was fixed, but I saw the same issue.

Is it still in the to-do? It would be great functionality to have!

Sadly it indeed still seems unfixed.

I have just been blocking off full afternoons of work to lay out coin pickups by hand using the perspective view. With the top view movement handles being broken, there’s really no easy way to “duplicate an item, then move it to a new location” Except randomly inserting numbers based loosely on where other props are and hoping you guess the positioning close enough to slowly fix it manually from there.

Dragging a “new” instance into the screen is not much better as the perspective camera does some strange things with spawn positioning of the new model, and seems to like to spawn things at 0,0,0 instead of within the camera view. Which is “very helpful” when you are working on something over 500-1000 units away from there.

The editor is ok and gets the job done for the most part, but it has some very annoying quirks. :confused:

I’ve bumped this up on our bug tracker. I’ll get someone to take a look as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

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So now ortho cameras should pan well, and gizmos should all work as expected.