[SOLVED] More storage for organization plan?


We are using the organization plan and now we are seeing a message says that the storage is fulled.
Is there any way to extend the storage to more than 50G?

Also, I just wonder if there is a way to archive a project and upload it when it’s needed.

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Hi @sooyong_Kim ,

You can reach out to support@playcanvas.com or PM @yaustar here, to help you out with that.


You can export a project as an archive from the Transfer Ownership option in your projects page:


The archive that you will get can be later on re-imported.


@yaustar Is there any way to extend the storage capacity?

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Yes, I will need your organisation’s email address/organisation name so I can add the storage.

@yaustar I’ve already shared the organization account via email with Steven Yau.

This issue was solved.

That’s great, glad you got it sorted!