[SOLVED] Missing script attribute descriptions

Hey hey :slight_smile:

It seems like since the new UI design for the editor was rolled out, the description of script attributes can’t be seen anymore by hovering over them with the mouse. Is this intendet or a bug?

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Confirmed, the same happens in any project/script.

Hope definitely a bug, we miss them.


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On the same topic, before the UI changes, the description of array-attributes were also never visible. Maybe this could be fixed as well? :blush:

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Calling @vaios to address these for you… :smile:

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We will bring those tooltips back thanks for reporting that.

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This should be working now.


Confirmed, it’s working, thanks @vaios.

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Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

I found another issue with attributes

When I create an attribute of type ‘vec2’

Test.attributes.add('points', {
    type: 'vec2',
    array: true,

fill them like this
then click on another entity in the editor and finally back on the same entity, it looks like this:

This combination of attribute options seems to only display the value edited last. It doesn’t necessarily has to be last value of the array. I didn’t test it with other options, like ‘vec3’, ‘rgb’ or ‘rgba’…

I iterated over them in the initialize function and the array contains the correct values, so it seems only to be a visual bug in the editor.

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Thanks so much for letting us know @AliMoe - we really appreciate it. @vaios will look into it for you.

No problem, I’m glad if I can help :wink:

This should be fixed now.

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Another problem: The enum is not showing options in the editor!

BtnStates.attributes.add('Choices', {
    type: 'number',
    enum: mapEnum(MyEnum),
    default: MyEnum.LastChoice

function mapEnum(Enum) {
    var reverseLookup = {};
    var result = [];
    for(var value in Enum) {
        if(!Enum.hasOwnProperty(value)) continue;
        var enumEntry = {};
        enumEntry[value] = Enum[value];
        reverseLookup[Enum[value]] = value;
    Enum.toString = function(value) { return reverseLookup[value]; };
    return result;

Before the update, it was showing the options perfectly but now I cannot select any options hence I cannot work further. Please fix this as soon as possible @vaios

This should now be fixed @Mustafa_Ali


Yes, it has been fixed, Thank you!

Cool, Thanks :slight_smile:

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