[SOLVED] Missing Link to Asset and Entity Class Schema in Documentation


I’d like to report that the link to the Asset and Entity class’ schema in the docs seems to be missing. It appears that this link was removed in a recent commit, causing inconvenience for my colleagues. The documentation for this schema was available in previous versions but seems to be inaccessible in the latest version.


For example, in the section about get method of Asset

If click anchor text “here”, it jumps to the missing page about asset’s schema, “AssetProperties.md”.

Also, I checked that this file was removed in a recent commit “17cebc2”

It would be greatly appreciated if you could restore the missing link.

I submitted the same issue two weeks ago on GitHub, but I also submit it on the forum in case anyone is in same trouble!

Thanks for awesome Engine and sorry for my bad English.

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Fixed. See the updated API here:

In particular:

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Thank you for your quick resolution! :heart_eyes_cat:
Have a great day!

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