[SOLVED] Missing definitions in .d.ts in engine

I ran into these two small fixes I needed to do to the generated .d.ts file for the engine:

add to Application:
lightmapper: pc.Lightmapper;

change the first param of Lightmapper.back to allow null:
bake(nodes: pc.Entity[] | null, mode?: number): void;

Also, the current tags.add() only allows a single string parameter, not an array, and not an arbitrary list of params.

(Sorry, I don’t have time to fix this properly and submit a PR, and wanted to drop it here before I forget)


Ooo, well spotted @blairmacintyre. If you could log here, I’d really appreciate it! :smile:

oh, right, of course. Done.

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PR submitted: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/pull/2459

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