[SOLVED] Mini Stats not working a specific project

Hey all,

For some reason I am unable to get the mini stats on the launch page to appear on this specific project:


I am unable to replicate this on other projects. Anyone have any thoughts?

Is this project public? I can’t seem to access it.

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So sorry about that. It is public now.

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That’s interesting, hovering over the launch button doesn’t bring up the launch options menu.
Screenshot from 2022-08-30 12-53-32

And manually adding ministats=true to the launch url doesn’t have any effect. I noticed there are a couple of legacy models in the editor. Is this an old project? Perhaps someone from the PlayCanvas team can shed some light on this.

Yes this project hadn’t been touched for about a year and a half up until last month when work was started back up on it.

Do you have multiple cameras, custom render targets or post effects?

On some projects of my mine I got mini stats not rendering on v1.55.

Yes I do… should I just revert back to a different engine version to fix this?

I’ve got a secondary camera with a different render layer populating a portion of the UI.

Yes, you can or use the regular profiler instead of mini stats if that works for you.

Reverting to 1.54 did not fix this issue. Will continue to look into it

Hi @Jake_Johnson ,

Your scene has two cameras: the main camera with priority 0 and a second off-screen camera with priority 0.3. The second camera is rendering last and so receives the ministats (which you can’t see).

Setting the main camera priority to 1 causes the main camera to render second and receive the minstats output.



This behaviour seems kinda strange. Ideally the ministats would always render to the backbuffer after all rendering is finished… Perhaps @mvaligursky can figure something out?!


Thanks so much, that’s exactly it.

Agree it seems like odd behavior… but is this behavior documented somewhere? Seems like that would be the next best step.

As always, thanks for the help. PlayCanvas support is incredible.

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I’ve seen it before, and we can definitely fix it at some point, but in vast majority of cases, the camera that renders to the main framebuffer should render last and so all should work just fine.