[SOLVED] Mini map for the Game

Hi, I am implementing a mini map for my game, I am using Render To Texture and have placed my camera on top, but when a player moves it leaves a trail behind. Why is this happening?


It looks like you start with the original texture, and each frame just paint the pixel where the player is. That would create that effect.

Is there any option like updateFullTexture disabled? or other something like preserveDrawingBuffer.

I referred to Render 3D World to UI | Learn PlayCanvas this project and copied its script. PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine, I did not change anything in script.

I think I will have to change some of the texture properties, Texture | PlayCanvas API Reference
but I am not sure which one to change.

Can you share your project?

Check if you have the same settings in the camera, maybe you are not clearing the buffers.


Solved!!! Issues were with the Camera, I was not clearing the buffers.

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