[SOLVED] Mesh Collision not working

mesh collision not detecting by PickerRaycast every other collision is working fine the model asset and mesh collision asset is same , the collision of mesh is detecting at somewhere center of the entity only.
You can check the given link of the published build and can see which entity is selected from collision on console.
Images for mesh collision Objects:

Hi @AnasRahim and welcome,

if you are using the rigid body raycaster, then you need to add a rigid body component to your entity.


i have added rigidbody to the object and the output is still same on mesh collisions while the box collision and other collisions are working fine

Hi @AnasRahim,

It seems that mesh collision is not currently supported based on this post from @yaustar:

I hope that’s helpful.


Yes, mesh to mesh collision isn’t working.

But for rigid body raycasts should work fine.

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If you can create a new project with just the chair and reproduce the error, that would be great and we can take a look into it :slight_smile:

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Here is another Demo project Build for mesh collision which is not working correctly and the link for this project is https://playcanvas.com/project/756910/overview/pickingmeshcollisions

raycast is colliding with the Table(mesh collision) at some center point of it while the chair(Mesh Collision) is kind of working almost fine

I’ve forked it and now showing the hit point.

(Right click to raycast)

It looks like the chair is fine. The table is having issues because I think the polys are very small and Ammo is not handling that well. (80k verts)

I recommend having low poly versions of the model to use for collision.

Hi @movAX13h and welcome,

Yes, mesh to mesh collisions aren’t supported by the version of Ammo.js that PlayCanvas is running.

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Thank you! What’s the reason behind this?
Can get it to work with the latest version of ammo?

The current stable version of Ammo (Bullet physics) doesn’t implement this.

Yes, potentially you can do this, here is a helpful thread:

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