[SOLVED] Material warnings

Hi everyone, I got couple of warning messages and I would appreciate help to find an investigating direction, any hint on this ?


Thank you in advance !

@Mirko_Arcese Is it possible for you to post a link to your project so others can have a look. The error captured in the above is reported by the debug module. It may be difficult to determine what it is unless a developer knows off hand or has experienced this error before.

Hi, I’ll try to create a new project reproducing those warnings, actually cant share main project.
I suspect it could be related to layers order, which was applied in order to render glass and trasnlucency, here a shot:

Camera entity has a grabpass script, hope this can help me and other if experiencing this.

Most likely this will fix your 2nd error: select your active camera/cameras and enable Color Grabpass:


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Hi @Leonidas, thank you very much for the help, didn’t try yet but anyhow it’s something important and looks like exactly what warning tells.

About the other error :"Ignoring unsupported input property to standard material: twoSidedLighting", it basically occurs when importing models from Maya, materials are parsed but they dont have such specific properties in webgl, deleting or excluding materials will solve the “issue”.