[SOLVED] Material disappearing when opactity set below 1

Hey fellow PlayCanvas People!

I have a problem, which hasn’t occured to me before. When I set the Opacity → Blend Type to Alpha and then tone down the Intensity (or opacity) of a material, then in the editor it shows correctly. 0 is completly gone, 0.5 is half transparent and 1 is completly here. But in a project I’ve recently created, the camera doesn’t seem to render anything with opacity below 1. I wanted to make a fade in and fade out, so I’ve set all materials to 0.999 so I can use setParameter(“material_opacity”, x), but now nothing is rendered anymore.

Anyone got a fix to this ? I have other projects, where I used opacity for glass etc. and it works fine, but in this it’s just not working…

Thanks ahead!

Can you share a project that shows this issue please?

https://playcanvas.com/project/624849/overview/kvr_intro_szene would be the project

It’s working now, somehow… No idea what I did. but it’s working now