[SOLVED] Manifest.json 404s and timeouts on newly published PlayCanvas build

I’m trying to publish an existing project to PlayCanvas, the public url is: Vortelli's Pizza - PLAYCANVAS
My project’s mainifest.json file is 404ing and I’m also getting timeouts on the ammo.wasm.js dependency.

Of course, I’ve already tried clearing my browser’s cache. The same issue persists on multiple browsers and devices, even ones that haven’t loaded this project before.

It was working fine until I pushed the new build a few minutes ago.
As a workaround, I downloaded the zip and self hosted the exact same build on my own web server without any issues. The project is also working fine if I launch it from the editor.

Not sure if it’s relevant, but I published this build from my project’s master branch. A non published branch was recently deleted.

Update: I tried again after about an hour and it was working. Possibly some sort of CDN caching issue?

Maybe, it’s a bit worrying though if that’s the case.

When you made this post, you were having these issues right? I will pass this onto @yak32 to potentially have a look

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Yeah, when I made the post, I had been having issues for at least 20 mins. Around that time, I republished my project a few times. The issues were still present on multiple devices for at least 30 minutes following the initial post.

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The problem seems to still exist.
It seems to happen depending on the URL in the browser’s address bar.
If the URL ends with /, it refers to %build_path%/manifest.json and reads normally.
However, if the URL consists of only paths without /, the json cannot be found because / is not put as a separator in the middle.

Oh, that’s very interesting! Thanks for the repro! It would explain why we couldn’t see this before.

Created new issue for this: