[SOLVED] Make shape appear on sphere


how do I make a torus appear on the earth when I click my mouse but make it that the torus bends with the earth?

Hi @MoonAlien822! I think the tutorial project below can help you with this.


if I eventually add the ability to change the shape, will that mess it up? @Albertos also, I just noticed we have the same last name!

You will probably need to adjust the rotation of your shape according to the hit normals of the raycast.

Haha, I already saw that. Congratulations on such a beautiful last name! :partying_face:

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It worked now but I want the ball to rotate with the planet, how do I “merge” the two? (Also what’s that “merging” called? I’m trying to learn the terminology) @Albertos

nevermind I figured it out already

wait a second! @Albertos this raycast doesn’t even work! the sphere isn’t even close to the planet

Looking at your code here: https://playcanvas.com/editor/code/924001?tabs=82359022

You are using a Box shape instead of a sphere.

Also ensure that the radius you use for the sphere is correct for the size of the model.

You may want to use physics and collision picking instead for simplicity: Entity Picking | Learn PlayCanvas

How could I use collision picking for this??? @yaustar

I forked your project and changed some things to make this work.


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cool! I already figured the other thing out tho, thanks anyways

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In the post below you can find an example project.