[SOLVED] Lost in space when trying to add camera and now I am lost

so this has happened before and the focus tool doesn’t seem to help. I was coding away when all of a sudden I accidently added a camera and decided to delete the camera and when I did that, I wanted to go back to where I left and I got completely lost in the open scene space and now my entire project is just floating somewhere, I am really upset with this

okay I refreshed the page and I seemed to be back in my place, before refreshing I realized that I can click on my objects and not edit or see them even tho they are enabled and everything is where it should be, I don’t know what happened but its definitely some kind of glitch, not sure what that was

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That’s really weird :thinking:

Just to check, clicking on an entity on the scene hierarchy and pressing the eye icon on left didn’t do anything?

nah, I tried those first and it didn’t do anything, also I have a new question, if you are reading this, I would like that answered, its related to shadows

Hi @sir_akc, I think creating a new topic for that is best, and will enable us to help you further once you have provided more details.

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