[SOLVED] Looping Sound Not Stopping

I am trying to stop looping BG music and play another one but the previous one is not being stopped by
" this.entity.sound.stop(‘SoundName’); " hence overlapping the multiple music.

Does anyone know about it?

Do you mean not being stopped?

I have created the exact same scenario in a test project where I am playing the relevant BG music when browser window gets focus but it is working as it should in this case.


Thanks for the help.
The issue is resolved.

The sequence of my code was

“-Browser Tab = > Out of focus
-Game Paused
-Paused Music Played and Menu Music Stopped
-Browser Tab = > Got focus
-Game resumed
-Menu Music Played and Pause Music Stopped”

And this sequence was overlapping both Pause and Menu BG Music. I stopped playing the Pause Music while tab is going out of focus and it started to work fine now.


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