[SOLVED] Looks like things can't be saved again

looks like things can’t be saved again.

The saving bars just keep going.

Something does look pretty broken, I can’t even load up the code editor at the moment :frowning:

Yea the code editor is loading, but clearly not saving.

It’s the same issue that occurred a few weeks back. You can not even upload or make new scripts.

They fixed it last time, but the time difference might hold us back a bit. It’s like almost 12am I think for the devs. We’ll have to check in sometime in the next 8-10 hours when those dudes wake up.

We are looking into the problems at the moment guys, please bear with us.

Damn @vaios what time is it for you?

you deserve a badge for devotion!!

It’s 2.23 AM here …

Things should be back to normal now guys. Let us know if you see anything weird again and sorry for the inconvenience.

<3 much love dude much love ;D

Not sure if this is an issue but wasn’t there more options under settings? This is not as important as editing. But curious.

Not sure why that’s the case, but just so you know many (if not all) of the settings are also accessible from within the editor:

Like @petemolinero said you can now edit all those settings from inside the Editor. We have removed those from the project settings page.

Ahh! ok. Thanks. I wasn’t stressed, because I didn’t really remember what was missing lol. Thanks :smiley: