[SOLVED] loadFromUrl model as .obj

I am trying to load a 3d model (.obj) from an url but the file name does not have a file extention. Is there a way to force a specific model parser? Right now it logs: WARNING: No model parser found and then errors.

Yes, the OBJ parser isn’t included in the playcanvas engine build by default.

You will have to include and register it yourself, instructions here:

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Do you also happen to know how I can load a texture as a .png, if it does not have a file extension? I know it looks at the extension to find out how to load it but all my files are without one :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a hard one, since the current resource loaders are getting the resource type from the extension.

One way I’ve done it in the past is using base64 data streams and create the pc.Assets myself:

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That worked, thanks a lot - again :slight_smile:

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