[SOLVED] Load time and location of servers

Hello - I am somewhat puzzled in relation to load-duration, which at times exceed more than I would expect. When it happens I generally always check up on load a different page in my chrome browser (as such the problem appears real, when there is no extra load time on reload other tabs/pages).

Here is an example of load 10 minutes ago:

And the measured performance from it:

I wonder where the servers I access are located exactly? - Here is the map of the AWS-servers, but I really don’t have a clue if I/we access the nearest or servers placed on another continent?

  • finally; as I live in Denmark, I might be even more challenged than others? (not part of my expectations while developing within PlayCanvas :-/ )

The servers are in Ireland. How much MB are you preloading? Also, can you check your network tab please? There’s a yellow warning which means a setting has been changed (speed or cache or something else)

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I have already optimized for preloads: I maybe only preload a few MB (left of the total - the rest is not).

You mean this one?

Edit: This seems a bit off as well:

You have the network speed capped at Fast 3G which is pretty slow


Please change to ‘No throttling’

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Ahh ok, I just tweaked those settings an hour ago !? But within a ‘Console debug scenario’ where I also changed orientation etc
Had no idea that Chrome would have such an approach in relation to loading setup in general - but now I know (I guess, a bit suspicious to what else that might be lurking from them in the future)