[SOLVED] Load main menu scene first

so I have 2 scenes, one is a 2D screen main menu and the other one is the game scene, how can I make sure that every time I press play, the main menu scene appears first.

Hi @sir_akc,

Two ways I see you can do that:

  1. Either make sure you always launch from your menu scene

  2. Or code a scene manager that loads all scenes, except the currently loaded one (the one you launched from) and enables the menu scene initially.


You can also keep the launch tab open and refresh. The URL contains the scene id so no matter which scene you are in editor, you can use the URL to directly open the scene in launch.

For published builds, you specifically set a scene to be the first scene to load.

To add to what @yaustar said, this is how you can also select the primary scene to launch first in the published build.


so I did as you all suggested and I have found the solution, for both when in debug and when in build,

when in debug, just use the url of the main menu, starting the game with main menu scene will give you the main menu scene’s url and therefore you can start the game from main menu
and for build, DevilZ answer works.