[SOLVED] Line breaks in new UI text element

I can add line breaks in editor with shift + return, but can’t work out how to do the same when setting the text with this.entity.element.text

I’ve tried inserting \n and <br>, with no luck…

Is it possible to add a line break to text set programmatically for the new UI text elements?

Hm it seems to work for me if I do something like:

this.entity.element.text = 'one line\ntwo lines';

Huh, weird, I swear it didn’t work when I tried it a sec ago…

Definitely works now though, cheers!

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It seems that if you’re setting text from a custom script attribute (of type string) then \n does not generate a new line. Weird!

I just fixed it this way:

this.entity.element.text = myText.replaceAll("\\n", "\n");

Same here! Did you found a workaround about this?